Style and Risk - Drawn to Picture Books

Crickets Sketch - Over in the Meadow/Pioneer Valley Books - Pencil Sketch
Hi Everyone!

    I know that it's only been the sound of crickets that you've heard on my blog lately, but I have been working really hard on my book, Little Dragon / Sky Pony Press 2017 and getting ready for the NJ SCBWI June conference.

   I did, however,  come up for air long enough to blog about Style and Risk over on my group Blog...Drawn To Picture Books. Here's the link for the post...

   I'll be back actively blogging again and will also be updating my website in June to show off the new work I've been creating, but in the meantime...Feel free to pop on over to Drawn To Picture Books  and read all about how I came to make the decision  to change my style (and maybe see a teensey sneak peek of the new art look!) Feel free to leave a comment either on that post or here on my personal blog.  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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