The Struggle Is Real...

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."  
~Scott Adams

Just a quick little doodle done in pencil,watercolor, brush pen markers and micron pen. 
I feel like I should have stopped at the watercolor, but it is a doodle...
Fox Doodle  - Experimenting...
...and the markers were just sitting there in my cup, calling to me... ;o)

 Inspirational mugs...they're not just for coffee!!

Kidding aside, it really is hard to know when to stop and when to keep going, especially when I'm unfamiliar with the medium. I find that sometimes, I become more concerned about not making mistakes, than focusing on the pure enjoyment of creating art, and that mindset not only prevents me from enjoying the experience, but it holds me back from realizing my full potential with whatever I'm using to create with. I know so many artists who struggle with the same thing. Fortunately, in this case, this was total play and the end result wasn't all that critical.

When I do play, I make a conscious decision to allow myself the freedom of experimenting without restriction... and agree not to beat myself up if it isn't perfect (the most important part!!).  That's really the only way for me to work out the kinks and find out what's possible, what works and what doesn't without destroying an important piece that might be for a client!

 Sketchbook page- Experiments with new medium combinations

Creative play also affords me an opportunity to tap into my childhood, creative brain. It transports me back to a time in my life that I was completely open to ALL possibilities, because the world hadn't told me that I wasn't allowed to do "that" yet. A time when I used to create without care. Where I would select colors and make marks, just because... just to see...and what better way to create than that!

The best thing is, the more I give myself opportunity to play, the more my brain automatically defaults to that very organic way of creating every time I sit down to make any art and the end product (as well as my state of mind) has been so much better for it!

So, bottom line... I make an effort to "play" often! I put aside the restrictions and stress of my daily world, try a new medium, loose myself in creativity and open myself up to the mindset that all things are possible and all things are okay, because when making art...they are!  :o)

Happy Creating!!

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