Happy 2016!

Happy New Year! I hope this post finds everyone well and rested from your holiday season. I love this time of year!! The act of turning the calendar to a new year always seems to energize and motivate me, and this year is no different.  I think it's the whole idea of "new" that does it.
"New" can be exciting and inspiring, like a new outfit or a new "toy".  It can also be intimidating and a bit scary, like moving to a new town or starting a new job. Sometimes, it can be both at the same time, but whatever the case, I always attempt to not to let that stop me from trying new things, especially creatively. Truth be told, things don't always work out the way I envision...but sometimes it works out really well, even exceeding my expectations! With either outcome, I try to embrace every new experience as an opportunity to learn and take another step forward on my journey in this life.

Onion Study - First attempt at watercolors other than in grade school! 

First unfinished attempt at an illustration colored digitally. :o/

 So, with that in mind, along with ringing in 2016, I present to you  "Creating Out LOUD!" ... a new, more appropriate title to my updated blog format. The web address will still be:
and going forward a lot of the content will still be about my illustrative art. But, what's new (aside from the banner ;o)) is that I'll be opening a window into what has traditionally been my more private, creative life. I'll be sharing my experiences as I experiment with new ideas, other mediums, techniques, flops and successes alike, and showing how all areas of my creative play are intertwined and help inform each other. It's really to share about the entire process of creativity (the emotional as well as the physical) and hopefully inspire others to embrace the idea of being creatively fearless (or at least creatively daring) as well!  

 Improv Pin Cushion/Caddy - For holiday exchange at Long Island Modern Quilting Guild. First attempt at sewing a complicated, 3-d structure completely independently. Thought I'd start out with the most complicated thing I could find :o)

 Glass Dish - First attempt at creating art with colored glass at NJSCBWI meet the editor craft workshop

Looking forward to sharing with you, an exciting new year of... creating out loud!


  1. Bravo! Love the new banner.

  2. Thanks Di!! Now if I could just get the blogger feedburner to cooperate...:o)