There is something incredibly energizing  and inspiring about New Year's Day! Actually, I generally wake up every day filled with hope and promise, ready to reach out and take on the day's challenges, but  somehow, there is something extra special about this particular day. 

I am not sure if it is just an organic prompt to reflect and correct  because our calendar year begins January 1st  or the fact that somewhere in the history of humanity, someone decided that on this day, we will celebrate a new beginning and it stuck. Either way works for me because, after all, who doesn't love a clean slate (so to speak) AND a celebration?! 

So... not wanting to break tradition, I have reflected on the past year, what worked and what didn't, decided where I am heading both personally and professionally, to-do lists at the ready and off I go! 
Happy 2014 everyone! May your days be filled with enough inspiration and creativity to balance out all of life's bumpy roads! 

Warm Regards,

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