Better Than Botox!

 Self portrait  Twitter #MeetTheCCArtist - digital
This self  portrait was done for this Twitter weekly challenge I participate in. I took a couple of  liberties by eliminating a few "experience" lines (and maybe a couple of pounds), lol.  Actually, because I'm still practicing human faces (and digital painting), I decided that less is more...that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Got to say, I'm loving this new tablet!! Going from drawing on a 10 yr old wacom with a drawing space the size of a large postcard, to being able to draw directly on the screen, has made such an improvement in my digital sketching.
The  Twitter challenge is # colour_collective  #MeetTheCCArtist   Once a week (Saturdays) the moderator announces a new color and each participant posts an image 2:30 pm the following Friday. It's such a fun challenge and the constant drawing is helping me improve my drawing and "painting"skills.  Next challenge for color collective will be announced tomorrow and the next group of finished pieces will be Friday, Jan22 at 2pm. Come look me up on twitter  @debcuneoart
and follow along!