Creating for a Cause

I can't believe  that Christmas is only 10 days away, I feel like I just finished eating the bag of Halloween candy that I was supposed to give out!!  Actually, the Christmas Spirit seemed to start early for me this year, October to be exact. No, I didn't follow the stores and decorate 2 months early and no, I wasn't playing Christmas music before the " allowed"  date, as set by my kids many years ago... I simply participated in an amazing ministry project called Operation Christmas Child.
This is a worldwide "gift giving" mission where churches like C3 Church on Long Island , along with countless others, all team up with an amazing organization called Samaritan's Purse. They coordinate the collection, packing  and distribution of gift filled shoe-boxes to children  in poverty and high risk situations internationally. The donations are all new items and based on the age group the box will go to. I helped collect for younger children, so the boxes usually consist of basic necessities like soap, washcloths, tooth brushes, socks,  pencils, notebooks, art supplies, small toys and such. 
I not only had the pleasure of working with an amazing bunch of ladies in C3 Church collecting donations and packing some boxes, but I also had the privilege of working with some of the kids in the children's ministry  at C3, to create beautiful, homemade Christmas cards, that were then included in the boxes. (**please note this card is not my design. I saw this a long time ago on the internet, but wasn't able to find it again to give the artist proper recognition) The kids were awesome and completely embraced the reason they were spending all that time and effort creating these small masterpieces to be given away. These were just a few of the beautiful works of art that went out!
I think everyone that participated in this effort, was touched by the cause in some way, I know I was. While I  loved working with the Ladies and really enjoyed creating with the children again, I was overcome with sadness by the thought that there were so many children in the world that are in desperate need of even the most basic necessities of life and I wanted to help them all, but couldn't.  It was really humbling to hear about their stories and I felt privileged that I was able to play even the teensey-tiniest part of such a wonderful mission!

If you would like to find out more about C3 Long Island or Samaritan's Purse, feel free to click the links below:

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