It's Grey Pigeon Week!

This is my second week posting for #colour_collective, courtesy of @PennyNevilleLee ! This week's color prompt was Warm Grey. I love the weekly exercise and I am still using the prompt and Friday deadline to continue experimenting with different ways to render. 
I tried another quick, digitally colored sketch. I like the sketch itself, but not feeling the love on the digital part yet. I had to do this one so fast because my computer was on the fritz for a couple of days, unfortunately, that only left a couple of hours today to work on it. I probably would like it more if I gave it another couple (few) hours, not sure.
So what did I learn...I  do see the perks of using digital to color, but I'm  really missing my paintbrush!  I have to find a way to marry the two styles without weighing down the illustration. I might try this sketch again, but with paint...we'll see....(Click on image to enlarge)


  1. love this looser style of yours. The pigeons' expressions are great.

  2. Thanks Di! Still haven't found my happy place with this yet but I'm getting closer. Thanks , as always, for the encouraging words :o)