A Moment...

OK...Moment's over, I feel better. That sketch is exactly how I felt a moment ago...you know that moment...when you've worked your tail feathers off trying to get all your illustration work done and get  ready for the holidays at the same time.... wrapping, cooking, decorating, more wrapping, more cooking, oops...I forgot the holiday cards, more wrapping....and just when you think you are prepared, there is always something extra that needs to be done...RIGHT NOW!

Well, I managed to get most of it done in time, despite a couple of monkey wrenches, and when I had a moment to breathe, as I sat in silence with a cup of coffee,  I got the  reality check I needed. 
There are families that cannot be together for this holiday for a number of reasons, some temporarily and some more permanent. There are children and adults who wont get presents or have a Christmas meal, some don't even have a job or a home. The things that were stressing me out a moment ago are things that the people  I spoke of, would gladly trade their stresses for. 
That moment of reality made me stop and remind myself of what's really important. It reminded me about all the things I am truly grateful for...my family, my friends, that I have a roof over my head and food on my table, I can pursue whatever career I choose and worship my God without fear of being killed for it.  More important, I realized that I need to treasure every moment (even the crazy ones) and enjoy these blessings, because time passes quickly, things change and the things I thought would be around forever, even the things that drove me crazy, could be gone in an instant and I would miss them deeply.
So,  maybe I couldn't get all the laundry done, maybe I didn't get to make custom illustrated cards  this year, maybe my kitchen looks like the pantry exploded, maybe I forgot to wrap a gift or two and the house isn't fully decorated...none of it really matters. What matters is...I'm going to go get ready to have a meal with my family,  embrace the craziness and count my blessings.
May you all have a very merry, happy, healthy and safe Holiday Season and New Year!