Practicing ...

Trying to brush up on real life drawing skills. This is a watercolor colored pencil study. (Click on image to enlarge)


  1. Hey Deborah! Wow you are a muti-talented artist! I love your blog! Your submission piece with the turtle and possum is fantastic! I love your character study, your panda series and even your real life work. Great stuff... you have a new follower ;o)

  2. Hi Deborah! Beautiful blog you have here. Thanks for the suggestions on my IF swarm illo. I did end up changing the swarm of bees drastically. I was happy with it. Anyway, i love all of this fine art you have on here. Didn't know you were into both realms like me. The sill life of fruit is so delicate and lovely. Looking forward to more.

  3. Thank you both for such encouraging comments! Jack , really nice to meet you. I tried to get to your website via the link but it wouldn't allow it. I would love to see your work too! I always find other artists view very inspirational!!

    Giselle, thanks for your kind words about my art. I always have my foot in both doors with regard to art and teaching helps me stay connected to my market and allows me to experiment along with the kids so i guess I am in three doors, lol. I will check out your revise. Really nice to communicate with you again!